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Hi, my name is Sandi and I am a lover of tattoos.  I am not covered in ink, but I have one or two tattoos.  I’m about as far from a typical tattooed girl as you could imagine.  I certainly don’t fit the stereotype.  I’m a mother of two, I work in a well paid job in Information Technology (yes, I’m a geek), and I love food, travel, books, cooking and tattoos.


About Me.. Sandi

I’m very much “into” quote tattoos and I love researching tattoo designs.  I am passionate about quotes that have meaning and that reflect my inner thoughts and my integrity.  I love small meaningful quote tattoos 1) because they are discreet and 2) because they tell a story about the person wearing the ink.  Even if you keep your tattoo hidden, it has a terrific meaning to you.  I’m also “into” self improvement and goal setting too, and you’ll find many of the small meaningful quote tattoos for girls which I share on my website, will have these topics.Years ago my best friend moved to another state and it devastated both of us.  We had the opportunity to get together some years later and re-connect.  We visited a Sea-Horse Farm in Tasmania, Australia during our holiday.  We were both so enamoured of the sea horses, and funnily, Sea horses have come to represent her.  My first tattoo was a Seahorse, and is dedicated to her.  I derive a great deal of strength from my tattoo, and it reminds me regularly of the strong bond between my best friend and I.   

But I wanted to wear more ink – funny how addictive tattoos can be – so I started researching tattoo designs which included quotes.   I’ve found a huge collection of quotes that could so easily translate into a small and very meaningful tattoo.  My favourite (which I now have inked) is: “That’s why they call me Thumper” (I’m kidding, sorry).  I’ll tell you what it is in my first post.  Actually, I’ll reveal it here now….. my favorite quote and the subject of my back tattoo  is: “We do not remember the days, we remember the moments.”

My First Tattoo

My First Tatto – Seahorse

I hope you enjoy checking out all the beautiful tattoos I’m planning to bring you.

I hope I can help to connect you with a meaningful quote for your next tattoo.  Let me know if you want me to post on any particular subject, as I’d be happy to research and bring you some really interesting material.

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